ALEKSANDRA RAKONJAC : Kragujevac, Serbia

Born on February 29, 1988. in Kragujevac, Serbia, Graduated in 2013 at Faculty of Philology and Arts.She is an emerging young artists from Balkan Europe and her works has been displayed in various prestigious exhibitions in Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey etc.

She was awarded with Republic of Serbia scholarship , fund “Academician Dragoslav Srejović ” City of Kragujevac  and “Dositeja“ scholarship for the best students in Serbia by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Мember of ULUS – Association of Fine Art Artists, since 2017.

On her canvases Aleksandra shows undiscovered area of sleep, engaging in not so simple expanse of the human psyche, through which she suggest to the negation of only one reality.

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