Club Member Certificate Sample 

What is ANAC: Art Nirvana Artist Club ?
Art Nirvana is the emerging GLOBAL ART PORTAL  founded by Ashis Pahi the art innovator, International art curator, art dealer and art critics of India. Art Nirvana AC stands for Art nirvana Artists Club. This is first of its kind club in India for Artists to get guaranteed sell of their paintings and to get guidance from Art Nirvana art experts to get exposure by participating in the exhibitions, symposium, art festivals in India and mostly in outside of India. The club gives a great platform to Artists of India for support and better future.

What is the membership cost : :

  1. BASIC MEMBER : Rs 6000   for one year
  2. GOLD MEMBER : Rs 20000  for two years
  3. DIAMOND MEMBER : On invitation .


Mission :
1. To Support Young and emerging as well as self-taught artists in art career
2. To sell their art
3. To promote them internationally and nationally with our international network of gallery, art museum and
art organizations
4. To create new art buyers ( 5,00,00 by 2030 to have the biggest art market in India.

The Concept:
Now a days the whole world is going through change, so as the art field. The so called traditional art centres like art galleries and few gov. art institutions are not able to upgrade themselves according to the demand and global demand of art. The online market is growing and will soon take their place and the art market is going through a big change. But we have many young and emerging artists who are there having great talent and potential but not having proper platform to showcase their talent .Every galley, art dealers support established artists who are rich and already have name. But no one helps the talented fresher, emerging and self-taught artists who need support both in their career and monetary. Without helping the artists in their early age we cannot help the art and the art market.
Kalanirvana started by Ashis Pahi to fill the gap to create awareness and to support the artists in national as well as international platforms. Unless the artists get proper guidance and support with right platform to showcase their creativity and innovation, the artists and art market of India will not grow. Presently Indian art market have only 1% share in global art. Whereas USA and China has 36% and 33 % respectively.
So how to improve the art market in India? The answer is
1. To create more art buyers
2. To start helping emerging, fresher and self-taught artists with right guidance and provide them right
3. Help Artists in their sell.

The Benefits:
1. You become basic member of Kalanirvana International FREE of cost (which membership fee is Rs 12,000 )
2. Safest and affordable Investment of Rs 6000 only to promote your ART
3. Get Guarantee sale of your Art ( condition applied )
4. Publish your art in
5. Get opportunity to participate in International and national art projects like Art symposiums, artists residency, art exhibition and art festivals and workshops. ( guaranteed for all Gold Members )
6. Free Career Advice and guidance
7. Free promotion nationally and internationally free of cost.

Hope you will join hands with us and contribute to your future as well as supporting your artist friends.

How it Works :
Any Artist can become a member in ART NIRVANA AC. To become a member One need to go through Two Simple steps.
Step 1. Register in our website
Step 2. Submit biodata, artists statement, id proof and 5images of your works in .jpg with minimum 2 mb file size each (the details of the paintings should be given as follows: title, size, medium, price )
Step 3. Pay the membership fee for club ARTNIRVANA AC ( if approved by our Jury; Rs 6000 Only.) Once the membership fee is paid you will be given a membership certificate by Mail. The membership fee is for one time. And it will be valuable for 1 year.

If you want Guarantee SELL then you have TWO responsibilities.
Responsibility 1. The most important one is you need to invite your artist friends to  Art nirvana Artist Club and to get its benefit just like you.
Responsibility 2. Visit our website and social network pages and follow us to know the latest happenings and can share or invite your friends if you can. That’s all.

What the Club member Get?:
We have a draw back in our art community, that we do not help each other  but pull each other. This is the biggest cause of the sorry situation of Indian art in global stage. We need to help each other and share knowledge and information and promote each other to grow together.

Our main aim is to grow together as a unit. So we encourage you to help other artists and invite them to our club our Internal committee and based on your contribution for the art community we BUY YOUR work worth Rs 40,000 which are registered with art nirvana website. We also high light and promote the artist among our Buyers, based on their contribution for sharing information to other artists. Our buyers can buy the works of artists starting from Rs 15000 to Rs 5,00,000 or more.  They will select the paintings of their choice from our website of, which are Available for sale. If our buyers do not buy then Art nirvana will buy the painting. The Buying will happen within one month to 45 days of your 7 artist referred membership. The more number of artists you invite to become club member the more we guarantee sale of your paintings. We take 25% commission on each sell of your paintings by us and the GST will be divided between artists and buyer equally. So both have to bear 9%.