Buyers FAQ

  • How do I place my order?

Buy an artwork on Artnirvana is easy. Just click on the ART WORK you want to buy or add it to shopping cart.Go to the shopping cart, give your Shipping & Billing address and Click on ‘place the order’ Button! Our payment gateway allows you to pay by BHIM, PAYTM,Net Banking and Paypal. If you would like to pay by any other means, please give us a call  +91 7077968949 and speak to an ART NIRVANA team member.

  • What is the authenticity proof that I get my with my purchase?

Artnirvana is a first and most importantly, a platform for the promotion of beautiful, original art. To help you prove authenticity, and for you to be able to sell in your artwork in the future, Artnirvana issues you with an authenticity certificate from the artist, on the purchase of any art, of our partner artists. However, if you are buying a work from a re-seller or gallery, you will receive a letter of authenticity signed by Artnirvana.

  • What happens if I ‘follow’ an artist?

If you follow an artist on Artnirvana, you will receive an email every time that artist puts up new works for sale. If you are interested in adding a work by a specific artist, this is a good way to ensure you don’t miss out on a new work added on Artnirvana by your Artist.

  • What is My favourites?

Click the button to ‘Favourite’ artworks works as you browse, and view the list of your personal favourites together before making a final choice. It will help you eliminate options quicker than any other way. You can also share your list of favourites with someone else if you need a second opinion.

Your ‘favourites’ collection also helps us understand your tastes and style, and helps us suggest new artwork that may appeal to you.

  • What is Expert Review?

At Artnirvana we are all passionate about art. We go through hundreds of all artworks and give experts review so that a buyer can understand the importance and speciality of the particular art work.

  • Are all these works of art originals?

All artwork on Artnirvana is original art. In some cases, in addition to making the original available for sale, the artists have also made open edition prints available on paper and canvas. You can see all the wokrs available as prints.

  • If I buy and artwork that is a resale work, how will I know it is original?

In the case of re-sale artwork, the re-seller/gallery provides Artnirvana with an authenticity certificate or the provenance of the artwork. You can also request to view these documents by writing to us at Do satisfy yourself as to the authenticity of these documents before buying an artwork. Also, don’t forget to confirm that you’ve received these documents along with the artwork, when you purchase it!

  • What are prints?

Prints are reproductions of an original artwork, printed on paper or canvas. Prints are a great buy for someone wishing to start collecting art, as they are affordable and low maintenance. Buy a print of a great piece of original art if you really want to see how art can transform a room or a space. They’re also great for young collectors, transit apartments, bachelor pads, hostel rooms and the like.

  • Prints, Original Art, Buy Art What is a promo code?

If you are a registered collector on Mojarto, you could receive Promo Codes from us. We offer promo codes to discerning and valuable customers so they can take advantage of a special discount or a scheme. Promo codes may be given to you for a particular artist, a popular lot no, a specific time period etc. or any other item. You can receive them over email or on the site itself, so keep your eyes open for them!

  • How do I use a promo code?

If you receive a promo code from Artnirvana – whether over email or on the site itself – you can enter the details at the time of check-out to get a discount. Remember, you can’t use the same promo code more than once, and each promo code comes with an expiry date, so remember to use it before it expires.

  • I don’t know what to buy.How can I get some help with choosing art?

Artnirvana tries to help you choose art carefully through many features on our site. Remember, there is no ‘right’ way to select art, so you should just choose what appeals to you.

First, try using our filters on the Artadviser section. They let you shortlist artworks by purpose,budget,category,size etc.which will really help narrow your choices down. As you browse, use the ‘favourite’ button to compile a list of favourites that you can return to, or share with someone else. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down even further. If you still need help, get in touch with us through our art advise team, who’ll come back to you with a shortlist or a look book.

  • What is art advisor?

There may be times when despite all your efforts, you haven’t found a piece of art that really speaks to you. Or, you may have a specific need in mind – like matched pieces, or a very large oil on canvas in a warm colour or some specific artist – that you couldn’t trace on the site. Or you may be an interior designer who needs a large number of artworks to do up an entire home or office space.

Whatever your need, our ART ADVISER team will help you find, shortlist, visualize and finally purchase the art of your dreams. We will take your requirements, identify and shortlist works, and even create a lookbook, so you can find the right piece of art.

  • How do I choose between different mediums like oils, water colours etc?

It is true that different mediums all have qualities unique to each of them. For example, at least some of the beauty of oil on canvas stems from the techniques used by the artist in layering, texturing to give depth to a work. On the other hand, watercolours are more moody, and its colours have a huge impact on a space – ranging from bright and vibrant to dark and impressionistic.

However, at Artnirvana, we’d always recommend that you choose a piece of art not by the medium but on the basis of how it speaks to you. Keep in mind though, that different mediums require different kinds of care and handling, so you might want to eliminate choices on this basis. For example – moist and humid climates aren’t the best environments for paper works, and they’ll need to be glass mounted.

Other than these considerations, purchase a piece of art that you like and enjoy.

  • Will the photograph on the site be the same as it will look in real life?

The photographs on the Artnirvana site go through many quality checks before it is uploaded, so it’s as close to the original as you’ll get in a photo form. If anything, the work will usually look better in reality. However, the impact of art depends on many different things – the size, the mount, the frame, the light received on the surface, and many other factors. If you’re still unsure, you can see what our buyers have to say about the works they have purchased .